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What is greenCOW PACE?

We are a membership organization supporting people who want to help others with strategies and tools that enable them to do business differently.

When you work with greenCOW PACE, we will equip you to make a career out of helping others. Do what you love — whether that means starting your own business, working as an independent consultant, or joining another organization. 

We offer mentoring, training, and support both online and through live events. Once you join, you’ll have instant access to our content library and online support group and free admission to our online events. You’ll also receive discounted admission to our live events and free access to the recordings. Finally, you’ll be eligible to take advantage of our leadership opportunities, such as speaking at a greenCOW PACE event.

What are the benefits of membership?


Growing digital resource library stocked with short, fun, and informative video lessons focused on personal, professional, and business development. Recent topics include communication, wellness, and marketing

Free admission to online training events and masterminds

Discounted admission to monthly live training events and free access to recordings


Access to our exclusive online group, where you can connect with our expert members and share your expertise

Customized learning plan and guidance from our mentors

Access to online weekly masterminds and opportunities to connect with mentors


Members receive promotion within the group, on our Facebook page, at events, and in our live videos

Members’ photos, bios, & business/non-profit logos are displayed in our Facebook page directory

Members’ logos/photos are displayed during our live videos, including during our weekly Facebook show

Members’ logos/photos are displayed prior to events

Leadership Opportunities

As a member, you are invited to apply to present at our live and online events. If selected, your event will be produced by our team. We will provide the following:

Venue selection and logistics management

Promotion and marketing

Photos and videos

Mentoring & support


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